Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to take the ORQEs? All exams are free of charge.

2. Who can take the ORQEs? All students 19 years or younger at the time of your Regional Bee. Students must also be enrolled in a primary or secondary school. There is no younger age limit.

3. Can I enter more students than what I had indicated when I created my account? Yes, these numbers are only meant to be an estimate. You are welcome to have more or fewer students take the exams than the number you originally estimated when you registered.

4. What is my Sponsor ID? Students no longer need to enter a Sponsor ID before they can access the ORQEs. To locate your Sponsor ID, visit the Sponsor Hub and select "Sponsor ID List". Please note that your Sponsor ID is different from past years; if you are using a Sponsor ID from a previous year, your students will not be able to register for their exam(s). If you wish to see your students' scores, they need to fill in your email when they register.

5. What score will my student need to qualify for Regional Finals? For each exam, there are automatic qualifying and disqualifying scores. Pending scores will be based on the scores received in each age division. Students who have taken the ORQE will be marked as Qualified or Pending.

6. How much time does my student have to take each exam? All exams consist of fifty (50) multiple-choice questions, and students have twenty (20) minutes to take each exam.

7. What should I do if a student requires testing accommodations? Any sponsor with a student requiring testing accommodations should contact Suopeng Gao ( for additional information.

8. How are exams scored? Each correct answer will receive 2 points. An incorrect answer will receive -1 points, and an answer left blank receives zero points. Students are also able to change their selected answers before submitting their exam(s).

9. Should students be supervised while taking the exams? As much as possible, yes. Please make sure that their name and age divisions are entered correctly and help them stay focused on the exams. Also, those supervising must avoid assisting students, as tempting as it may be. Students should determine the answers to questions entirely on their own and without any other resources than their knowledge (including the internet). Please also instruct them not to discuss the content of the exams, in case other students have yet to take them.

10. How do my students take the exams? All three ORQEs can be accessed via the "Take an Exam" link on the main menu bar (above).

11. What is the deadline for students to take Exams? Students will have until 11:59pm UTC +8 on March 31, 2023 to submit exams.

12. Can my student take an exam for which I did not pre-register them? Absolutely. Your students may take all three exams if they would like. There is no cost for these exams, and they just might qualify if they try! If the teacher does not want to administer all the exams, then a parent or a different teacher can create their own sponsor account to administer the other exam(s).

13. I'm having some trouble with this site. Can someone help me? If you're not able to find an answer to your question above, please email